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Plastered Finish

Plastered Finish

Plaster finish conservatory ceiling insulation can give your conservatory a homely feeling of warmth in the winter while retaining the bright and open space of the room during the summer months. A plaster finish ceiling will also make it appear as if your conservatory is a room that is fully integrated into the house, not just an added attachment. Your conservatory can become a comfy and cosy living space all year round, no longer unbearable in the winter and summer months.

There is no removal of the original glass or polycarbonate roof meaning there is minimal fuss and mess; our plastered insulation solutions is installed inside your existing conservatory roof to add a protective layer for effective climate control. Despite installing a layer of insulation and adding a plaster finish, you will still retain the original vaulted shape of your existing conservatory roof and lose very little ceiling height. You will no longer suffer from sun glare, faded furniture and uncomfortable temperatures, dying plants and deafening noise from the rain.

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Additional Extras
Insulate your conservatory walls
Choose either of the options of insulation finishes to not only improve your view, but it will also help regulate the temperature of your conservatory.

Expose a formed skylight
If you're worried about losing light in your newly insulated conservatory, this is the perfect way to brighten up your space with natural light.

Suspended ceiling
Make your conservatory feel like a standard room by levelling off and suspending the ceiling. Adding continuity and familiarity across your home.

Solar reflective films
This is the perfect addition if you have a conservatory that gets particularly hot and heat regulation is your biggest problem to solve.

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